Queensway Chiropody

669 The Queensway, Etobicoke Ontario

Thank you for visiting our temporary website.
 Our office is slowly re-opening with the following strict COVID-19 protocols:
- Very limited number of appointments to keep all our patients and families safe.
-The front door is normally closed and walk in visits or questions are not possible, please call for questions or to make an appointment.
-We are taking universal precautions for everyone based on the highest level of protection including:
-disposable gowns worn by us during all treatments
-scrubs worn only in the clinic and not outside as well as no outside clothing during treatment
-masks during all treatments
-gloves during all treatments
-face shield during all treatments
-treatment room is only for treatment, all other computer equipment, chairs etc are relocated
-everything in the treatment room and office space leading up to the treatment room is thoroughly cleaned
after each patient including all door handles and surfaces that may have been touched by patients
or by us while we were with a patient
We ask all our patients to please arrive on time as we cannot open the door earlier and
must follow our schedule of cleaning the office after each visit.
We ask all our patients to please arrive by themselves as we are unable to provide seating for anyone else during the appointment and the waiting room is not available.
Apart from that, we always try to make your appointment as pleasant as possible, it's just quite different at the moment.
We are on time and we never rush your appointment.  We have significantly limited the number of patients each day
to ensure that all cleaning is done properly while still leaving enough time to treat all your foot concerns without worry.